The Ratings Game

Rarely do I hate MMA more than after a lackluster card. Not because of the boring uninteresting fights, but because of the frenzy MMA works itself into over the ratings of the last card. Blog after blog, tweet after tweet, podcast after podcast about how Dana has it all wrong, the UFC is on its way to the dumps and the ratings of the last card is proof. I’m not sure if they’re genuinely concerned about ratings or if they want more than anything to be right. A lot of them are taking the same approach to this as I do to picking my CHIEFS to win the Super Bowl, which is to just say they’re going all the way every year until they actually do. When they do finally win I can tell everyone about how much of a genius I am because I made the right pick.
The worst part about their obsession with ratings over the last card is that they seemed more concerned about that than about Demetrius Johnsons brilliant display of grappling, speed, conditioning and gameplanning. His performance went completely overlooked. Its not Mighty Mouse’s fault that ratings were down. Why are we ignoring his brilliance? I thought you guys liked good fights.
I’m not a journalist. I’m not even that good at updating my blog, but I always thought MMA journalists were fans of the sport. When i started getting serious about MMA one of the things things that drew me to it was the writing I came across. I read so many articles that made passionate arguments about what makes this sport great. It seemed like they wanted nothing more than to get people to watch. Now that people are watching people they can’t stop complaining. Almost as if they’re trying to convince potential fans to stop wasting their time.


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